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Intricate and Minimal, Geometric and Playful, Abstract and Organic. This is how we could describe this unique dinner set, that can please the most demanding of people. In the Nabata tea set different styles are blended to create a balanced ensemble, just like a bouquet of beautiful wild flowers.

It consists of three sizes of bowls, three sizes of dinner plates, coffee cups with saucer and Arabic coffee cups.

The bowls are decorated with bas-relief patterns, inspired by the leaves of the three desert flowers. The coffee cups and saucers are decorated with abstract shapes in golden color, while the Arabic coffee cups are covered in different designs made of more intricate shapes, inspired by different elements of the flowers. The third style includes coffee cups decorated with small, geometric symbols that are inspired by organic elements of the flowers, but rendered in a more frisky and simple style. It will definitely win over the more playful souls. Finally, the smaller plates are covered in full line-drawings of the desert flowers’ blossoms, creating a nice balance with the more minimally decorated plates of other sizes.

The golden details on the pure white porcelain lend the NABATA dinner set its clean and luxurious feel. It creates a harmonious look on your dinner table, while raising the prestige of your space.