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Yemen is known world wide. It is this craftsmanship that is reminiscent of a civilisations that lives in the SABA'A of days gone by and that inspired this collection.

The Saba’a collection is a full dinner set that combines pure porcelain and crystal glass with platinum elements. The collection does not only harmonically combine different materials, but it also marries the old with the new, the traditional with the contemporary.

The gist of this collection is traditional shapes, patterns, and materials combined in original ways. Layers upon layers of culture, history and precision handiwork, have overlapped and intertwined to produce silver pieces. Yemen’s traditional shapes and patterns have been used in new ways, giving this dinner set a fresh and contemporary look, while honoring its roots. The silver and platinum elements, combined with the white porcelain and crystal, make this dinner set ideal for those who appreciate both traditional craftsmanship and luxury.

Plates, bowls, and cups, made of white porcelain and clear crystal glass, are adorned with platinum, silver and blue accents, giving them a unique and luxurious feel. The set is completed by Arabic coffee cups (fenyal) and a dallah (traditional Arabic coffee pot).