About Us

Luxurious Tableware - Artistically Crafted
Artemirate is a luxurious tableware store based in the UAE, an exquisite collection of designer premium products. Our products are meticulously crafted by creative minds that have beautifully blended art and luxury. We not only have a range of artistic table tops and cutlery sets, but we also customize them to suit your specific requirements.

Our mission at Artemirate.com is to create an online destination that reinvents how people discover & shop high end tableware & its customization. We understand that shopping for premium tableware with your specific needs & your own artistic decoration can be both challenging and time consuming. We have only the world’s finest porcelain products and giving its shopping truly effort-free.

Our Services

Product Design & Development 
Art & Craft
Personalisation - Tableware, Sculpture & Vases
Creative Design Services