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Al Bait Arabic Cup - 6 Pcs

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Arabic Cup  70 ML - 6 Pcs

Material:  Porcelain with Gold & Color
Care Tips: Dishwasher-safe, Hand-wash safe
Use Details: Not safe for Oven, Microwave
Safe for: Food serving, Hand-wash, Wiping with a soft towel

The Al Bait Arabic coffee set is a stunning display of traditional Arabic architecture, crafted from pure porcelain. These beautifully designed qawa cups feature intricate details that pay homage to the rich cultural heritage of Arab nations. The set includes traditional elements such as arches, and geometric patterns, which are all expertly integrated with the graceful curves of porcelain. The set is perfect for anyone who appreciates the art and history of Arab culture or simply wants to enjoy a cup of qawa in style.