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Blooming Bud Plate Set - 8 Pcs

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Dinner Plate 27 CM - 4 Pcs
Side Plate 21 CM - 4 Pcs

Material: Pure Porcelain With Gold & Color
Care Tips: Dishwasher safe, Hand-wash safe
Use Details: Not safe for Oven, Microwave, Direct cooking stove
Safe for: Food serving, Hand-wash, Wiping with a soft towel

Blooming Bud.
Naturally inspired collection, classic white tableware with vibrant hues. Artemirate visualized the collection itself as a bud in the wild nature. For this collection there are 4 major colors; A blend of blue, green and grey, hint of black inspires the sense of tranquility, clay indicate pottery & peachy for positive qualities. Combination of lively pattern and golden rim lines make a relevant statement. Create your table!